RIlock makes Hammerless traditional system Caterpillar CatJ and Ripper with no tips loss, quick tip installation and removing and more safety on the jobsite.

RIlock is a Rialca product, under patent pending and it makes Hammerless the traditional teeth system Caterpillar CatJ and Ripper.
It is an innovative product because it can be installed on every tip and adapter CatJ and Ripper available on the market; there is no need of a special tip or a special adapter! It is a locking device composed by a special pin and a special retainer and it need to be mount on just using hands and to be locked with 2 common allen keys.

Main RIlock advantages:

  • No tips loss, due to a superior lock between pin and retainer.
  • Quick installation and removing, using 2 allen keys.
  • More safety on jobsite, because it is hammerless.

You can see references tables on this link.