From more than 30 years Rialca is specialized in locking devices for teeth for earth-moving machines.

Paolo Giovanni Chiolerio found the family company Rialca in 1983 in Pont Canavese, in Turin Province, famous area per mechanical processing.

Our company started like local dealer of spare parts for earth-moving machines, but later We have specialized in production of locking devices for teeth for earth-moving machines extending our activities from Italian market to international market.

Currently We have a prominent role in production of spare parts and at international level Rialca brand means Italian quality for mechanical components; a flexible production reality able to pass hard quality standards and able to satisfy every customer need. From 2019 our production processes are certified ISO 9001.

Rialca has a wide DRP products catalogue and a own patent pending product, RIlock; besides these We produce OEM products too in exclusive for teeth producer companies, giving them also a design and develop service for new locking devices. From years we take part to many trade fairs, most important is Bauma in Munich.


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